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Brother Michael Strode (O.Cist.), who died aged 96 on 27 December 2019, was a saintly man whose life inspired thousands of others. A group of family, friends and former colleagues have formed the Committee for Brother Michael’s Cause (CBMC) to look into the possibility that he might be acknowledged a Saint.

The first step towards canonisation (see Process Explained) is to encourage people who had known him, or been affected by knowledge of his life of prayer and service, to write about their experience of Michael, and how he had touched their lives. It is lovely to read tributes to him, and many of us can attest to his wonderful qualities. But we are advised that writers should concentrate on some at least of the following aspects:

  • How they knew or came to learn about Brother Michael

  • Their admiration for his spirituality

  • How Brother Michael’s example of a Christian life, lived deeply, influenced the faith of others

  • How did he show his faith, his love and his vision?

  • What made Brother Michael special, inspirational?

  • How he made people feel about themselves

  • Did he bring together people living with a disability and those without, and if so how?

  • Brother Michael’s life of service, and the joy of that service

  • Was he self-effacing or did he look for glory?

  • Above all, any examples of ‘heroic virtue’ that Brother Michael’s life calls to mind.

That said, we are told that letters should be concise, concentrating on his good works and their effect and on any extraordinary things (even miracles) that may have happened.

Anyone wishing to share their thoughts about the life of Brother Michael should write to CBMC at Oakfield Park, 32 Bilton Road, Rugby CV22 7HQ or

All letters will be catalogued and in due course handed, unaltered, to a ‘Postulator’, the person appointed by the Church to determine whether there are grounds for proceeding with the process of canonisation.

Do please pray for the success of our mission. And, although public veneration is not allowed, we can all pray privately to Brother Michael for our own intentions.