The Cause




Brother Michael Strode

"It wasn't me at all, 

but rather it is God working through each and every one of us."

Welcome to this site which is the online presence for the Cause for the Canonisation of Brother Michael Strode.

Brother Michael died on 27 December 2019, aged 96. 

In his later years, he lived as a Cistercian monk on Caldey Island, but many had known and looked up to him as Doctor Michael;  he had worked as a doctor at a children’s hospital until his retirement and he had founded two charities caring for disabled children and adults. 

‘Brother Michael’s Life’  gives a full account of his religious and charitable works. It is typical of him that he would take no credit for the inspiration that he gave to others.  Wanting only to bring them closer to God, he always diverted attention away from himself: ‘It wasn’t me at all, it is God working through us.’ And he would add ‘The best person to help us in all this is Our Lady’.

The inspiration of his humility and his Christian witness has led us to come together as a committee to look into the possibility that Brother Michael might be recognised by the Church as a saint and, if so, to promote the cause of his canonisation. ‘The Process Explained sets out the steps we have to take to reach this long-term goal.

We would be delighted to have your support, whether in prayer, recollection or other contribution. Do read further to discover how you might help.

Richard King KSG 

Chair of the CBMC: The Cause for Brother Michael's Canonisation